WhatsApp Plus (WhatsApp+) JiMODs

What if we have a tendency to tell you that our WhatsApp has even better? Don’t be too stunned, our WhatsApphas return up with novel and exciting options and is termed WHATSAPP PLUS: now ITS BLUE. WhatsApp and (unofficial) the novel WhatsApp version is here to be undraped nowadays. therefore U.S.|allow us to} dwell into – what new WhatsApp and has for us to supply. Here is our take.

WhatsApp and has following rattling features:
We all love our inexperienced WhatsApp icon. Don’t we have a tendency to? yea we do. however WhatsApp and comes with a blue icon. Changes square measure smart and this new icon too appearance cute!!
Change your colour: we are able to ne’er modification the colors in our WhatsApp however exploitation WhatsAppPlus, we are able to modification the colors of just about each a part of the applying. means that we are able to modification our background color and Header color etc. therefore exploitation WhatsApp and you’ll be able to add additional colors to your WhatsApp and luxuriate in.
Extended size of videos: exploitation WhatsApp we are able to send videos to our friends with most size of sixteen MB and that we all have die hardly needed it to increase. And here WhatsApp and is with a video size of fifty MB. therefore get this version for additional video size and luxuriate in larger videos.
The standing Thing: exploitation WhatsApp we are able to not solely hide our standing and reveal them to individuals we have a tendency to would like to, however we are able to conjointly consider our friend’s standing slightly below the chat not like ourWhatsApp during which we have a tendency to had to initial click within the contact icon so see the standing. additional ease with higher WhatsApp!
High Quality Images: I hate it once my WhatsApp turns all my headquarters pictures to a whole fuss. however with WhatsApp and you’ve got a distinct possibility for top quality pictures. therefore your pictures keep the means they’re. Isn’t that great?
Exciting New Themes: WhatsApp and has enclosed exciting new themes to that. and that they square measure simply too several. Alter the whole look of your WhatsApp with WhatsApp and. The traditionalWhatsApp doesn’t provide themes therefore this one could be a huge reason to appear for WhatsApp and.
Bright Fint Colors: standard monotony of black font color has return to associate finish with WhatsAppPlus as a result of with new WhatsApp and you modify the font colourise your WhatsApp. UsingWhatsApp and you’ll be able to conjointly embrace totally different font color to uninformed message, cluster messages. this can be one thing extremely new and interesting.
Location: With WhatsApp and you’ll be able to send your location to your friends. it might be rattling once everytime you’re somewhere, your friends get you recognize where?? this can be extremely a brand new feature i’m trying forward to use.
WhatsApp is actually pricey to U.S.A. near the very fact that WhatsApp and is healthier than it can’t be neglected. we have a tendency to don’t seem to be attempting to seek out faults with existing WhatsApp, however the subsequent square measure the variations between official WhatsApp and unofficial WhatsApp and that may get you inclined towards WhatsApp and.

Better interface: with various themes choices, font color choices and color settingsWhatsApp and stands tall in terms in terms of interface.

Better smileys: One issue why we have a tendency to idolized WhatsApp is as a result of the rattling smileys and mind you! WhatsApp and comes with hell numerous smileys. currently no feeling goes inexplicit.

More privacy and ease: WhatsApp and offers additional ease to the users in terms of privacy and higher access.

Video size: WhatsApp and is healthier than WhatsApp in terms of video size. (a thumping fifty MB). You certain square measure trying to find your WhatsApp upgrade, aren’t you?

I have invariably scorned everything that comes between Pine Tree State and my WhatsApp. however WhatsApp and felt simply too nice to Pine Tree State (no offence!!! WhatsApp). WhatsApp and is extremely advocate to all or any those trying to find exciting options in their WhatsApp to act with their friends. it’s nice aesthetic charm. Trust me. you’re aiming to love it!!


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