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Currently, on TikTok, there are many interesting trends, typically the lip-syncing trend. If you have never tried this fascinating trend, you should try Wombo MOD APK.

Wombo will help you create funny clips, in a very personal way. Exactly, it will make videos of you lip-syncing a familiar piece of a famous singer. The interesting thing here is that each clip has quite strange facial expressions, make you laugh every time see it. It can do it thanks to Deepfake technology based on AI algorithms.

Deepfake has done many things that similar AI technologies have not been able to do before, including:

  • Make movements appear in the most realistic way.
  • Transform from a rare still image of being used as the original data into a naturally moving human figure.

To do this, Deepfake has overcome a major hurdle in the past: recreating an animation from a poorly detailed face image, including ‘blocking’ points that are hidden by the hand. either because of the shadows of other objects or simply because of the effect of time on the image. The algorithms in Deepfake automatically predict and create missing parts in the original image, based on deep learning from millions of current human faces.

According to the founders of this technology, they have about 100 movements for the same face in the data. When a user uploads an image, it uses an existing API, along with complex but fast algorithms, to transform landmarks, a set of points on the face of a still image, into moving points or from those landmarks to create a perfect animation.