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About Woodturning MOD APK

MOD features

Unlimited Money: Instead of just receiving a small amount, you will receive 9999 money for each completed product. You can then use this money to purchase equipment.

No Ads: Unlock the Premium version, you will not be bothered by ads.

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We should not ask too much for such a simple game. Everything revolves around sculpting wood and creating great products. I think, playing and try hard too much is unnecessary and can easily make you feel bored.

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Woodturning MOD APK may be a simple but extremely addictive game of Voodoo. Please download the sport to become a talented wood sculptor and creating great masterpieces!

About Woodturning

Voodoo has long been referred to as knowledgeable game publisher with extremely attractive and interesting simulation games. Not heavy on the storyline, not difficult to regulate , Voodoo’s game always gives players the gentle but equally appealing joy. Some very famous games like Aquapark.io, Helix Jump are very successful with many downloads. all of them prove Voodoo’s catchphrase: “We make hit games” is completely correct. And now, i will be able to introduce to you a totally new and attractive game, Woodturning.

Like most other Voodoo titles, Woodturning may be a very interesting wood sculpture simulation game. If you remember, this game is analogous to Pottery, also a game of Voodoo. But if you’re experienced as a potter in Pottery, then in Woodturning, you’ll play the role of a talented and hardworking woodcarver. this is often a replacement and very interesting experience that everybody should try once.


Every Voodoo game has simple and straightforward to know gameplay. So is Woodturning. for every challenge, you’re asked to craft an object within the model. What you initially had was a rough piece of wood placed on a turntable and objects for chiselling and grinding. With the mechanism of the turntable, you only got to move the chisels on the wood to make the specified shape.

Listen here, if you think that everything is extremely simple, you’re wrong. Easier said than done. The blocks of wood were rotated at a really high speed, so even small negligence was enough to wreck the block. Sculpting wood may be a job that needs meticulousness, dexterity and perseverance. Therefore, to play well Woodturning you’ve got to be calm and not hand over . The results after each “patience test” level are great works created by your own hands. the upper the ratio with the request, the more the worth of the bonus. It can go up to thousands of dollars, so don’t give up!

Woodturning – Creativity is endless

It are often said in Woodturning, creativity is endless. Almost anything in life are often found in games. Something as simple as a vase, a bottle of wine, a glass of water or things like chess pieces, spins or trees, all are endless sources of inspiration for you to make your own masterpieces. additionally , each finished product, you’ll prefer to paint on your favorite colors.

Process of making a product

The process to form a product consists of three parts includes roughing, shaping and polishing. Woodturning offers you 3 sorts of chisels with different functions and you’ll choose between rock bottom of the screen. With a square bushing chisel, it’s suitable for rough chiselling because it can remove an outsized amount of unnecessary wood. additionally , the square bushing chisel helps you create straight lines simply and quickly.

The next part is additionally the toughest part once you need to create a wooden block within the required shape. during this section, 2 remaining chisels will alternate tasks. With a triangular chisel, it’s used for deep chiselling during a small position. The semi-circular chisel will assist you create circular curves for the thing , like the form of a circular bottle .

Polish is that the last and also the foremost important part. employing a size-adjustable sponge, you’ll make your product smoother even within the smallest details. In short, at any stage with any tool needs the ingenious hands of the player. it’s going to be difficult to urge wont to and master it, but once you finish the primary products, i think you’ll have an excellent interest during this game.


Woodturning may be a simple and entertaining game after stressful working hours. So, even with colorful 3D images, it’s also very harmonious so you don’t get eye strain. additionally to entertainment, i feel you’ll use Woodturning as an efficient perseverance training application.


Of course, most free games have ads. If you mind, please disconnect the web when playing games. However, when completing the merchandise and need to urge extra money , you’ll watch one ad video to receive an x3 bonus. If you would like to ask what money is in Woodturning for, then sadly they’re useless. there’s no store nor items you’ll buy. they’re just a measure of the worth of the products that you simply make. But we will also anticipate to an update with tons of latest features within the future.