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More about YoWindow

YoWindow has released several versions ever since its debut in the digital stores. The user can pick the version which best suits his device since the application does not require a specific version of the interface’s version.

Before starting to use the application, the user might have to allow the application to get access to some of his device’s features such as location, memory disk, and operating system. The allowance can be taken back whenever the user wants.

The applications support incredibly beautiful graphics, with high-quality fps. In addition to that, YoWindow brings in sounds of weather such as rain, storm, and breezes. The user can also change the measuring units such as metric, temperature, distance, etc.

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

YoWindow is a weather-forecast application from the developer RepkaSoft. Google Play Store features this application in the list of the editor’s choice for its outstanding functions. Apart from the regular applications in the same category, YoWindow Weather supports the user with several unique features including live wallpapers. The user can interact with the application by purchasing new features at its store.

There’s no age limit for a user, and anyone can download and install the application in a matter of seconds on their devices. By the end of 2019, this application has received more than ten million downloads worldwide.

The weather forecast with high precision

Not all the weather-forecast applications you can download for free at the digital stores offer the exact prediction on the weather of your current location. This happens because the data these applications receive isn’t correct, or their mechanics aren’t actually good enough to determine how the atmosphere involve in the future. However, if the application’s developer spends time on enhancing the predicting system, like what RepkaSoft is doing, then we will have good weather-forecast applications like YoWindow Weather. Even when the range of the forecast increases, this application still can manage to give the result with precision up to 75%.

As long as the user has the application connected to the Internet, the device will be able to collect data from the nearest satellites to achieve ideal weather prediction.

The quickest way to manage your habitation

YoWindow delivers the weather prediction for the nearest eight days. For example, if the current date is the 11th of the month, then the user can see the prediction for the 19th day as well. Easy as a piece of cake, the user can scroll the time forward to see the weather forecast.

The application even gives detail on the weather elements, including the temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and clouds. Why is that information important? Because with less detail information, the user cannot handle the weather situation which plays a big role in any of his acts. Just imagine when the application tells you it’s a sunny day but you are not aware of the incredibly heating temperature, so you go out without any skin protection. What a disaster! Luckily, with YoWindow, you will always be thoughtful before you are exposed to the weather.

Customize the application in your own way

The camera features of the application offer the user to take a photo he wants and add it to the landscape library. The photo that the user takes will also wear the weather simulation just like any of the default landscapes. To expand his landscape library, the user can also add photos from his album to the application.

There’s no rule on what photo should the user use. For the most realistic landscape, the user can take a photo of his surrounding environment, his favorite place in the city, or even outside of his window.

The live wallpapers/landscape – a special disk from YoWindow

This application allows the user to see the in-application landscapes with the weather simulation. It’s raining outside, and it is also raining in your device. What an amazing feature! YoWindow supports a large number of different landscapes with various beautiful scenes such as the city, market, fields, and so on.

In the daytime, the landscape will light up the user’s phone with the sun and bright elements. When the day leaves and the night come, the nature lights will switch to the artificial ones. The feature of reflecting the weather condition is what draws attention from millions of users worldwide.

If the user downloads and installs YoWindown on an Android device, he can set the device’s wallpaper with the landscape coming from the application. This feature enables the user to see the weather reflection even when he does not open the application.

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