Tis’ the season for a new update that brings some amazing content! A new Zoober has arrived at the Zoo, just in time for the holidays!

Let’s see what is new!

New Character
Paolo the Zebra!

New Skins
Ice Dragon Donna
Runner Paolo
Pinata Paolo

And more!

MOD APK Zooba info:

  • Understanding the difficulty of the players, Team has successfully MOD the feature Unlimited Sprint Skills.

  • This MOD feature allows you to use Sprint Skills without waiting for cooldown.

Notes: Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

Surf as fast because the wind and cash in by downloading the MOD Sprint Skills version of the MOBA game Zooba.


Zooba has eye-catching 3D graphics with a variety of backgrounds and colorful designs such as volcanoes, deserts or ice ages… The diverse environment helps you not be bored. More specifically, the characters are shaped cute, but no less cool, besides the special skill effects for each character. That makes you don’t want to ignore any characters.

Many call Zooba the zoo version of PUBG Mobile. Because within the game, you’ll choose tons of characters. they’re all funny animals that you simply often see within the zoo or in animal world TV series. Each character has its own weaknesses and strengths. within the first battle, there are 1 in 3 animals available for you to settle on from. This number will increase. you’ll choose consistent with your preferences and tactics. for instance , Bruce is that the powerful gorilla, Larry chameleon with offensive sneaking talent …

When you reach a better level and earn more gold, you’ll unlock more characters. So, from the outset, all you would like to try to to is master the facility of the available characters and find out how to fight on the battlefield. Choosing the proper playing style for every match will assist you master the battlefield. Become a real king of the jungle.

In each battle, there are many weapons and items scattered on the battlefield. If you’re lucky, you’ll soon find good equipment. Weapons are a really important think about deciding victory during a face-to-face battle. So, with good equipment, you’ll hold quite 50% of the victory.

If you discover it difficult to gather equipment, good advice for you is that, go kill enemies. Because, whenever you defeat an enemy, you’ll receive loot from them as a “tribute”. And more specifically, at a particular time, there are Air Drops appear to contain the foremost advanced equipment. this is often the place that draws the foremost players and unintentionally drags them into fierce scrambles. Therefore, don’t be too mindful of things once you have enough equipment if you are doing not want to die in unexpected fights.

PvP arena

In addition to fighting with many players in fierce survival battles, you’ll play together with your friends in fun PvP battles. the sport has two modes Solo and Duo. In Duo Mode, you’ll play with friends, survive together in fierce battles. Win and boost your rankings on the worldwide rankings.