Meeting/webinar features
-Virtual Background enhancements
-Mobile support for Blurred background
-Enhanced data privacy notices for live streaming
Meeting features
-Enhanced data privacy notices for archived meetings
Webinar features
-Enhanced data privacy notices for panelists and unmuted attendees
-Enhanced data privacy notices for joining webinar without registration
Resolved issues
-Security enhancements
-Minor bug fixes

Download ZOOM APK

Above are a number of the highlights of ZOOM, the simplest online meeting, calling application available today. because the COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread, endangering the community, use this app to participate in online classes or meetings. If your phone cannot install from Google Play, please download the APK file of ZOOM via the link below the article and follow the instructions to finish the installation.

– Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
– Read Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.

Please download ZOOM APK, the simplest free online learning and meeting app for Android. During the COVID-19 epidemic shows no signs of stopping, you ought to use this application for study, meeting, work communication to guard the community from the spread of the virus.

About ZOOM

The growth of concentrate 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has stagnated many industries, but it seems to open up opportunities for ZOOM to rise above and become one among the world’s hottest apps, alongside giants like Facebook, Twitter, or Google. In fact, few people know that this application has been developed since 2011 by Eric Yuan, a former engineer and CEO of Cisco. In 2013, the official app was released. The year 2020 may be a milestone for the event of ZOOM. Up to this time, it’s reached the amount of 500 million users consistent with the statistics of Google Play, the dedicated statistics for the Android OS . That’s enough for you to note how popular this app is.

The best free online meeting app for Android

Why say ZOOM is that the best online meeting application for Android. the subsequent three criteria are often mentioned. First, the appliance is totally free. Of course, it’s a premium version. However, if you simply need basic communication, the free version is enough for you to use. ZOOM offers users up to 45 minutes per call, the quality time for a lesson. As a result, students and teachers can study online completely free. If the time is up, the space owner and participants just got to sign off and re-create the space to continue using it.

Second, ZOOM uses cloud technology to attach people. The app’s picture and audio are steadily uploaded, even when the web is merely of average quality. Of course, you can’t invite a video fully HD quality.

Finally, ZOOM is extremely easy to use. Everyone can use this app easily.

Some outstanding features of ZOOM

Listen, call, create meeting rooms completely free
Join meeting rooms with unlimited time (paid users only)
Safe mode while driving
Works with all internet speeds (WIFI, 3G, 4G, 5G,…)
Authorization feature, allowing others to hitch meetings on your behalf
Reach, sticker, gif, …

Friendly interface, easy to use with everyone

ZOOM was developed with the aim of creating it easy for people to speak and organize online meetings. So it’s a really simple and easy-to-use interface. Even an grade school student can use the app to review online easily.

Security is improving day by day

The fact that ZOOM features a huge number of users has become a double-edged sword. Initially, the appliance provides an open communication environment where people can connect with one another within the fastest, most convenient way. However, when it became popular, people used it for important meetings, users encountered many security problems thanks to the loose security system. With only the meeting ID and password, some strangers can join the meeting and interrupt your meeting. this example became even “hotter” when classes were interrupted by uninvited guests.

Realizing this, ZOOM has improved the way the participants of the closed meeting room are managed. The owner of the space has additional permission to approve participants. If someone wants to enter the meeting, they have to urge approval from the space owner.